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    This Shopping List adorable minimalist cat-themed Shopping List is perfect for keeping track of all your household or vacation planning Shopping List

    F E A T U R E S

    • US Letter size (8.5x11) PDF, sent directly to your email inbox
    • Undated, evergreen Shopping List Simply re-print for each day or week
    • PDF file can be printed or loaded onto GoodNotes, Notability, or any other PDF-supported notes app for tablet and laptop compatibility
    • Clean, minimalist design Shopping List

    *You must have a PDF viewer installed on your computer to open and use the digital file.

    R E T U R N S

    • There are no returns when purchasing a digital download
    • If you have any issues downloading your file after purchase, email for assistance

    C O P Y R I G HT N O T I C E

    • This license is for personal use only Shopping List
    • Not for commercial use. You may not reproduce, distribute or resell

    Shopping List

    Recommended Insert Sizes
    It is always good to size up on the inserts to make sure the corners of the covers fill out.

    For 20"x20" pillow covers, use either a 24"x24" insert for an extra plush pillow or a 22"x22" insert for a plush pillow that is slightly easier to take in and out of the cover.

    For 12"x20" covers, use a 14"x22" insert for an extra plush pillow.
    How to Care
    To clean and refresh the covers, periodically machine wash them in cold water with the covers turned inside out.